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The Process

At Cube911 we offer nearly two decades of experience to find what you are looking for. Give us a shout and let us find what you are really looking for. We have the connections to find almost anything you need for the office. At Cube911 we will help you make your buying of office furniture a better experience than the competition by guiding you through the process. *Contact us at or Call us on +19729783325

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*Whether you are purchasing one cube or one hundred be prepared to supply us with either a hand drawn sketch of your space or a more precise .dwg file that can detail the space you need to populate with cubes or private offices.

*Expect to supply us with basic information about the space you are working with such as move in date, deadline date, budget, cube size as well as height, and a meeting time where we could visit your space to discuss possibilities that exist. *In return we can help sort though the possibilities that your space gives you with ideas both verbal as well as drawings either ruff or detailed based on the stage you are in regarding the space you wish to fill.

*No matter what your expectations are these steps will bring us dramatically closer to your goals. We hope to hear from you soon!

High End Pre-owned/Almost New Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Available Now at Cube911

At Cube911 we sell new and High End Pre-owned Office chairs, like Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. We have a wide assortment of chairs on the Pre-owned Furniture Inventory page. We even have a few that are newish. Call us on +1-972-978-3325

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